Our company

Who we are and what we want to do.

In the landscape of companies selling gate, door, shutter and access control automation products we aim to provide excellent service on all fronts:

  • consulting
  • availability
  • shipping
  • product range

Our team of experienced people in both the e-commerce and automation fields enables us to offer solutions for all kinds of needs, whether repair, replacement or new installations.

Our mission statement

Our company is called YAW which is the acronym for Your Automatic World but the English term also means "yaw" which is that action of moving on the vertical axis that airplanes do to turn with the rudder.

This is how we envision ourselves, within a market that is now quite established in its habits, constantly needing adjustments with the "rudder" to offer excellent service even before stratospheric products. So our moving with the rudder is to always seek optimal solutions at competitive prices and provide unique service to our customers.

What we concretely do


When you buy a product from us, you can rest assured, because unlike all our competitors, both online and offline, we also manage each manufacturer's spare parts catalog and have a good portion of them available for prompt delivery. So your automation can always be repaired, and if a product is put out of stock by the manufacturer, we can always offer you the best alternative.


We are the only online retailer that handles the customer's 24-month warranty in-house. You will never have another contact person and most importantly, you will never be told by a service center or the manufacturer itself that if you cannot benefit from the warranty because you bought a product online.


To guarantee you an excellent service, we work every day to put products online that we really have in stock with a percentage of the available 90% on the published catalog. Order fulfillment times are normally 24/48 hours depending on the number of orders to be processed.


We do not disperse but recycle. Thanks to our technical department and organization, we are able to give new life to used products by remanufacturing them and putting them back into the market.

Our team

Qualified people

The company's focus in creating both the internal team and partner companies allows our reality to provide an advanced service in the field of online trade. In fact, our products are accompanied by detailed sheets, tutorials, videos, PDF information and all the material necessary for the updating of qualified personnel but also of the simple hobbyist.

  • Customized kit solutions, selecting only the best on the market..
  • Distribution of original and compatible spare parts for automatisms of all kinds in prompt delivery.
  • On-site and Telephone Technical Assistance for the main brands of Automation.
  • Workshop for electronic, mechanical and hydraulic repairs directly on site.

We have selected the best Brands to offer you only the best on the market.

BFT of the SOMFY Group, develops innovative automation systems for residential, commercial and urban settings. More than 500 distributors in 120 countries.

NICE produces Home Automation Systems such as motorized gates, wireless control systems, alarm systems, motorized window frames.

CAME since 1972, offers integrated technology solutions for the automation of residential, public and urban environments.

FAAC has been providing automation solutions since 1965: automatic gates, automatic doors, and parking management systems.

DITEC of the ASSA ABLOY group, has been offering a complete range of gate automations, automatic barriers, garage door and industrial door automations, automatic doors and rapid doors for more than 40 years.

CARDIN, of the Riello Elettronica Group, has been offering high-quality automation and remote control solutions for locks and security systems since 1974.

GENIUS is a brand of the group FAAC, which designs and manufactures automation systems geared to customer satisfaction.

GIBIDI, a Mantuan company with over 50 years of experience in the automation industry. Famous worldwide for vacuum hydraulic operators without air inside them.

PROTECO, historic Italian company producing very durable mechanics and easy and functional electronics.

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