If you landed on this page by scanning the QR-CODE on the tape and you are a courier, know that my sender is an Italian company, below all the data to contact it:

YAW SRL - Via Quarto Sant'Antonio 48 - 00047 Marino (RM) - ITALY

Phone 0621117352 - info@ugateshop.it


Have you received the package but the external packaging has problems? Take a photograph immediately and then carefully check the content.

If you find damaged material inside, report it to us immediately with an email to info@ugateshop.it.

ATTENTION we will not consider telephone or whatsapp reports, only via email.


We will analyze the documentation you provide us. If the damage is minor, we would propose the replacement of only the damaged piece or a small refund (the decision on this aspect will be ours).

Please think that during an expedition, no matter how much attention we can put in making a package, the traumas that a box undergoes are many. So if the damage is minor and we can remedy by replacing only the damaged part, we ask you to accept this resolution also for speed of execution.

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