The most important part of our work is to try to satisfy the visitor of our site by trying to make him a customer and providing him with the most detailed information possible related to exclusive services that he can only find in our e-store. On the product page and on the shopping cart page there is useful information to better evaluate the purchase. In particular, the following are indicated: the availability of the product and its maximum waiting time from the order (in case the product is unavailable).

The availability of our products varies continuously based on the daily purchases that take place on the site, so we have different levels of timing (availability is updated every day.

Shipping cost

The cost of shipping as specified above varies according to several factors, please enter the gears in the cart and complete the shipping address fields on the checkout page in order to be able to calculate exactly these costs.

It can rarely happen that some area is considered disadvantaged. This is because it is normally located in a geographically difficult place (La Maddalena, Venice lagoon, Campione d'Italia, Procida. Ischia, etc.). In these rare cases, couriers charge surcharges. Since there is no way to know in advance if an area is disadvantaged or not, in the event that an order must be shipped to these areas we will warn the customer that there is a surcharge. If the customer agrees to pay the difference we will ship, otherwise we will cancel the order and proceed to the refund if the customer had paid in advance.

We are perfectly aware that shipping costs are often an obstacle to buying online, so we constantly work so that the prices of our products added to the cost of shipping are within market parameters.

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