Refurbished Hydraulic Motor Actuator...

Refurbished Hydraulic Motor Actuator APRIMATIC XT44C ZT44C ZT4C

Refurbished hydraulic operator compatible with APRIMATIC XT44C ZT44C ZT4C

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Operators APRIMATIC XT44C, ZT44C, and ZT4C models are no longer available on the market. This operator that we offer as a replacement is the compatible one (so you won't have to replace the brackets on the gate and column).

This particular model is refurbished.

IMPORTANT: The operator arrives without the front casing, precisely because it is an overhauled model.

The exterior aesthetics may be scratched or abraded depending on the engine. Even when subjected to industrial cleaning, scratches or abrasions on the aluminum body are difficult to remove.

The operator is shipped with the vent rear screw closed as he would otherwise leak oil. Once installed, this screw should be loosened to let the air out and the motor should be run with this screw loose.

Perfectly compatible with APRIMATIC, No modification to existing brackets is required.

For XT - ZT Series




Key-protected release device

- Supply voltage: 230V

- Frequency of use: 55 cycles/hour

- No-load speed: 15 mm/s

- Stem: 275 mm

- Emergency key release

- Complete with condenser, front and rear joint

(excluding rear and front weld connections)

The package includes:


- Front joint

- Rear fork


(excluding front and rear weld connections)


Mains supply voltage 220-240V~ 50/60 Hz

Single-phase asynchronous electric motor

Max power 220 W

Max thrust force 5000 N

Max no-load rod speed 15 mm/s

Motor-pump unit flow rate 1 lpmw

Rod stroke 275 mm

Max sash opening angle 110°

Operating ambient temperature -20°C ÷ +55°C

Thermo-protection 120°C

IP55 degree of protection

Weight 7 Kg

Frequency of use 55 cycles/hour

Max leaf width 1.8m

Warranty 12 Months

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