Swing Gate Automation Kit WG4024 24V Wingo 4024...

Swing Gate Automation Kit WG4024 24V Wingo 4024 BD NICE WINGO4024BDKCE

Gate automation kit max 2.0 m. 24V WINGO version.

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Kit of the NICE suitable for the motorization of residential hinged doors. This product is used a lot in the motorization of swing gates for single and semi-detached villas.

The automation contains the most advanced safety systems such as: anti-crushing, obstacle detection, slowdown, identification of people, objects,

animals along the way, thanks to the extremely sensitive photocells. The LED flashing light completes a high-performance kit with unique features.

The kits of the NICE have been renewed and now have different technologies or are ready to accommodate different interface cards to be managed and programmed.

In particular, through the use of the PROView or the BIDI-WIFI card you can program this kit through the MyNICE PRO App.

La NICE is a company that has always paid close attention to technology and design. The operation of the devices NICE with the use of backup batteries is particularly good. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use it.

Electromechanical gearmotor 24 Vdc with external mounting.

Reliability and silence: patented arrangement of internal parts, reduction of moving parts.

Easy installation: electrical connections from above, after mounting the gearmotor.

Convenient release with custom NICE key and standard lock (standard).

Pre-assembled mechanical limit switches in opening.

Moonclever MC424L control unit:
• integrated radio receiver;
• simple programming, with a single button;
• clutch with anti-crushing safety;
• self-learning of limit switches in opening and closing;
• pause time scheduling;
• pedestrian door;
• slowdown in opening and closing;
• obstacle detection;
• possibility of connection to the sensitive edge 8.2 KOhm;
• operation in the absence of power with optional batteries (PS124) that can be inserted inside the control panel.

The kit contains:
WG4024 - 2 Electromechanical gearmotors with external mounting with NICE key release and mechanical limit switch when opening.
ON3EBD - 2 x 3-channel 433.92 MHz transmitters, bidirectional

( ATTENTION, due to production delays, NICE can insert the ON2E version in the kit, without notice )

MC424L - 1 Control unit with integrated radio receiver and bidirectional radio receiver with OXIBD plug-in included, alternatively OX2.
EPM - 1 pair of outdoor photocells.
ELDC - 1 LED flashing light with built-in antenna.
TS - 1 Signposting table.

The manuals will no longer be provided in paper format, but only via QR Code.

Warranty 24 Months

Frequency of use
F10 - up to 10 users
Max door width
2.0 m
Electric motor
N. ante
Supply voltage
220 - 240V
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